Prime meridian
Project of the visitor center's "Kronotsky Reserve" complex improvement
Location: Kamchatka Peninsula, Elizovo
Status: Concept
Year: 2020
Client: FSBI " Kronotsky Reserve"
Partners: Bella Filatova, Alexandra Tchertkova, Anna Rodionova, Anastasia Rychkova;
Lead architect: Eugenia Sablina
Architects: Olga Paramonova, Irina Garifullina, Victoria Yurzinova;
Master plan: Maria Mironenko;
Lighting engineers: Kultura Sveta;
Landscape architects: IlBosco;
Visualizations: Evgeny Fomchenko.

The Prime Meridian is the starting point, a gate in the Kronotsky Reserve. It's a place were you can touch upon nature right here, in the Elizovo city. We create a concentrated patch of nature that appear to be a window to the Kronotsky Reserve located near visit-center. It's a place for discussions, a public center devoted to nature reservation theme, a place for visitors self actualization and expression of opinions.
Interactive exhibition modules on the territory of the visitor center: