Courtyard of the New school
Location: Moscow, Mosfilmovskaya 88, building 5
Status: Concept
Year: 2018
Area: 1700 sq. m
Client: OJSC New School
Project team: Alexandra Chertkova, Bella Filatova, Anastasia Rychkova, Anna Rodionova, Kristina Kryuchkova

It is a green island in the middle of the chaotic city life, which becomes a place for ideas to turn into reality. Everything that children need grows there.

Here place students create their school, and we only initiate the space for this event. It is a rebus puzzle, scattered around the territory to be self-assembly.

Elements of the new improvement will allow children to develop responsibility for the space where they pass their time and the individuality of each student due to the free movement of architectural modules and the creation of "their own place".

Multifunctional use of the main tower: