MoscomArchitecture's booth
MoscomArchitecture's booth at the Zodchestvo festival
Location: Gostiny Dvor, Moscow
Status: constructed
Year: 2021
Client: MoscomArchitecture (Moscow Architecture Committee)
Partners: Bella Filatova, Alexandra Chertkova, Anna Rodionova, Anastasia Rychkova
Lead architect: Alina Rakhmatulina
Architects: Alena Yarmolchuk, Maria Savelyeva
Lighting: Sergei Zhigalev
Production: Exposalon

The booth's content reflected the theme of the Anniversary, summing up the results and forming new goals.
The central elements of the exposition were a hanging object with screens broadcasting the projects of the Moscow Architecture Committee, and a large table where the Moscow Architecture Committee projects are displayed. A hanging object with a warm glow and a table symbolized a cozy interior room inviting everyone to a friendly meeting. During the exposition, there was a bar with hot drinks, which strengthened the friendly atmosphere.

The booth's visitors had the possibility to learn more about Moscomarchitecture projects through screens, to get acquainted with the history of Moscomarchitecture, significant events and dates, activities hidden in interactive boxes, and to study the project's details in catalogs.
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