Object: Landscaping of the residential complex Magnifica
Location: St. Petersburg, st. Magnitogorskaya 11, Okhta river embankment
Status: Concept / Partial implementation
Year: 2016 - 2020
Area: 45000 sq. m
Awards: Winner of Urban Awards 2018 "Best comfort-class residential complex under construction"
Customer: LLC Bonava St. Petersburg
Project team:
Druzhba Bureau: Anastasia Rychkova, Anna Rodionova, Bella Filatova, Alexandra Chertkova, Ksenia Guznova, Anna Zamriy
In partnership with landscape company Arteza
Lighting: Cultura Sveta

The residential complex "Magnifica" is located on the site of the former plant "Znamya Truda" in the Krasnogvardeisky district of St. Petersburg and is adjacent to the Okhta River. The projected area is conceived as a Green Island, a piece of paradise cut off from the world and connected with water. We created a chamber environment that provides residents with everything they need: places for walking, shopping, and social facilities, an opportunity for internal development of culture and communication.
It is possible through the introduction of the following topics:
- Development of a good neighborly community by the design of a neighborhood center, neighbor forum and multifunctional pavilion with a canopy in the open air.
- Self-identification of the area. We designed a characteristic appearance and image of this territory that make it particular, not similar to others.
- Pedestrian priority.
The area is full of the variety of public functions: open cafes on the first floors, retail, library, coworking, city gardens and orchards, a variety of sports activities for different ages (including inclusive ones), places for quiet rest and loud games, various children's spaces, a neighborhood forum with the possibility of holding cultural events. So, here everyone has everything he need, and, at the same time, the silence of private areas is ensured.

The area is viewed as an integral space with public and private areas and not as a set of courtyards. The functional zoning scheme is a system of routes for different categories of the population: the Guest route, the Walkers route, and the Parents with Children route.