The Laboratory
Project: Playground and children club in residential complex Renome
Location: Moscow, Novoslobodskaya street 24с1
Stage: completed
Design and construction period: 2017 - 2022
Client: Sminex
Concept design: as part of the Wowhaus bureau
Design project: Bella Filatova, Anna Rodionova, Victoria Kudryavtseva, Nikolay Filatov, Alexandra Chertkova, Anastasia Rychkova;
The concept of scientific interactive: Nikolai Shiryaev
Master plan: Strelec
Engineering: Gipromir
Lighting: Kultura Sveta
Construction of play equipment: AFA and Richter Spielgeräte GmbH
The idea of the playground is the Laboratory. Playing in this area every day, a child aged 2 to 10 years old receives a large amount of scientific information in an organic form. Therefore, a large pool of interactive equipment has been developed specifically for the project, together with scientists from the Polytechnic Museum. The Laboratory has a pronounced cognitive component as well as great game value and all the possibilities for a role-playing game.
The project consists of two complementary children's spaces: a playground and a game club in the Renome Residential Complex. The educational functionality of the areas includes two categories: dynamic games with a load on endurance, strength, and coordination on the outside and calm games that develop fine sensorimotor, creative, and social skills inside.
The abstract image of the playground is suitable for playing with any plot and harmoniously complements the architecture of the residential complex.
areas with the interactive equipment:
sketches of the play club: