Green River
Landscaping of a part of the territory of the Yanino Central Zone
Location: Leningrad region, Vsevolozhsk district, Yanino-1 village
Status: Concept
Year: 2022
Customer: OOO "Specialized builder LST Development"
Project team:
Bureau partners: Bella Filatova, Anna Rodionova, Alexandra Chertkova, Anastasia Rychkova.
Lead architect: Anna Gerasimova,
Architects: Alyona Yarmolchuk, Anna Mayorova,
Interns: Ekaterina Britvina, Anna Zakharova
Lighting: Ardenalight
Landscaping: Alivotec

The space forms the landscape of the Green River. Spills and backwaters, shallow water, and streams. Enchanting action in three acts that share the natural curtain: flood. Overgrown spaces are fraught with many mysteries and secrets. Still water creates places for contemplation and meditation. Here is a place of knowledge, relaxation, and harmony.

Island. Through the thicket and curtain to a spacious sloping island. It is a natural area where a whirlpool of events takes place! Energy and celebration, dancing and joy. Gorge. The current grabs you and carries further and further. The water starts to flow faster. And then another channel, and another, they are intertwined, you can't make out anything. Throws it to the right, then to the left, then up, then down.
Master plan:
Zoning and significant objects: