Green flow
Landscaping of the territory of the residential complex Foriver
Location: Moscow
Status: Realization
Year: 2020
Customer: Concept
Project team:
Anastasia Rychkova, Bella Filatova, Alexandra Chertkova, Anna Rodionova, Anna Mayorova, Alina Rakhmatullina
Master plan: Maria Mironenko
Plant selection: IlBosco
Lighting: Cultura Sveta

Interaction is chosen as the main element of the concept:
1. Nature and cities
2. Water and land
3. Contemporaneity and memory

How do these elements coexist with each other? Maybe they have a dialogue?
A wide choice of topics allows to interpret images for the game in different ways while building its own patterns of space formation.
The green stream, as a unifying element, symbolizes at the same time the element of water, which is adjacent to the residential complex, and the element of nature, which is rapidly capturing the technogenic environment, if you do not forget about it.