Forest route
Landscaping of the park of the ravine of residential complex Prigorod Lesnoye
Location: Molokovo, Moscow region
Status: Concept
Year: 2022
Client: Samolet Development
Project team:
Bureau partners: Bella Filatova, Anna Rodionova, Alexandra Chertkova, Anastasia Rychkova.
Leading architects: Alena Yarmolchuk, Alina Rakhmatullina. Architects: Anna Mayorova, Victoria Yurzinova.
Intern: Ekaterina Britvina.
Visualization: Alina Kurokhtina

The ravine is the entrance to a large forest park. On the territory, we enhance the existing landscape features: the birch grove, the lone oak, the cliff, the edge, the stream valley. All of them are supplemented by "magic" plants and various functional areas.

Moving from the boulevard through the ravine, we enter a large forest. The designed territory creates a smooth transition from the urban to the natural environment and launches the forest inside.
Recreation zones, playgrounds, sports areas, dog area and significant objects
Master plan: