Forest river
Architecture visit-center of the Kurgalsky reserve, territory
Location: Kurgalsky reserve, Leningrad region.
Status: Brief sketches
Year: 2020
Project team:
Bella Filatova, Alexandra Chertkova, Anna Rodionova, Anastasia Rychkova, Alena Yarmolchuk, Diana Filippovich

Our team had the opportunity to visit the village of Vybie, walk through the forest to the bay, and be inspired by the pristine nature of the Kurgalsky reserve. Excursions with local historian Valentina Aleksandrovna Pilli from Bolshoy Kuzemkino and a visit to the Izhora Culture Museum revealed many cultural layers that make the mood and visual aesthetics of the area.
These regions need to manifest their identity. We see it in the formation of environmental awareness and the involvement of the inhabitants, as well as in the development of conscious tourism among the guests of the Kurgalsky reserve.
These core values form our approach to working with the territory and architecture of the information visit center.
Functional areas: