Great Expedition
Design project of kindergarten''s territory
Location: Yekaterinburg, residential complex "Solnechnyi"
Year: 2021
Client: Forum Group
Partners: Bella Filatova, Alexandra Chertkova, Anna Rodionova, Anastasia Rychkova;
Lead architect: Olga Paramonova;
Architects: Anna Mayorova, Diana Fillipovich, Daria Pilipak;
Master plan: Maria Mironenko;
Lighting: Kultura Sveta;
Landscaping: Elena Cherepanova.

The base of conceptual vision is diversity of natural and anthropological zones surrounds kindergarten as planets surrounds the sun. Each group has its own image that sets the rules of equipments location, colour palette and scenarios for play.
Nearby group playgrounds unites in clusters. Cluster is a number of playgrounds where similar age children can move freely under the watch of teachers. The base set of equipment dispersed within each cluster that motivates children to explore environment and move between playgrounds with different topics as a traveler.
Each playground has its own veranda that equipped with the busyboards - diverse stands that suites the topic and age of each group.