Artist's Hut
Playground in the courtyard of Vrubel residential complex
Location: Moscow, st. Vrubel, 4
Status: Concept
Year: 2021
Area: 250 m2
Client: Inteko
Project team:
Bella Filatova, Alexandra Chertkova, Anna Rodionova, Anastasia Rychkova, Anna Mayorova, Olga Paramonova, Alena Yarmolchuk, Angela Kamalina

The concept of the project was inspired by the image of the houses of Russian artists of the early 20th century: the Penaty estate of Ilya Repin, Viktor Vasnetsov's Mansion, and Maximilian Voloshin's house.
The architectural forms of the site refer to the Art Nouveau language, shifting it into a modern way. The project considered the neurodynamic approach to designing children's spaces.